Refer a Friend to Company of Twenty Seven

Terms & Conditions:

1. Company of Twenty Seven’s referral programme only applies to new customers. Companies being referred cannot be a current customer of Company of Twenty Seven. Company of Twenty Seven must be informed of the new customer being referred by referrer before signing of contract.

2. A referrer may refer more than one company to Company of Twenty Seven.

3. If referrer selects “5% referral commission on full contract value”, referrer will receive 5% of the full contract value as referral fee, or $500 per signed contract/project (whichever is the lower amount). The amount will be given to referrer 30 days after full payment for the project has been made.

4. If referrer selects “S$100 credit on future projects with Company of Twenty Seven”, referrer has up to 12 months to claim project credit.

5. The referred company will receive 5% discount of the full contract value or $500 discount (whichever is the lower amount). Expiry of discount will be 4 months from date of form submission.

6. No further discount will be extended to contracts signed under this programme.

Know of a friend who can benefit from Company of Twenty Seven’s services? Refer them now to receive partner privileges, while your friend will also receive 5% discounts on the full contract value.

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